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Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours, Poems by Suzanne Lummis, winner of the 2013 Blue Lynx Prize


Open 24 Hours has the intensity and edgy threat found in the best traditions of L.A. Noir. But Suzanne Lummis also has the gifts of a comedic writer: a finely-honed ear for the way people talk, an eye for the often quirky but right-on image, and that balancing act of timing that belongs to the dramatic performer.  Moreover, she’s dead-pan funny…As in all serious comedy, however, the undercurrents of her book have an unsentimental sadness and tht close-to-the-bottom wreckage a city like L.a. seems to draw.”
– Peter Everwine

“Suzanne Lummis’ Open 24 Hours is a glittering, mordant, ravishingly clever book. It bristles with energy and biting wit and is as much about the life of writing as it is about the shifting lives of those who live just on the edge in L.A.”
– Lynn Emanuel




OPEN 24 HOURS: An Interview with Suzanne Lummis on La Bloga

“These poems, born of earthquake and the “art of disaster” ride elevators, witness car crashes, dream about red shoes that do not quite fit. They are heavy-eyed in the A.M. and wide-eyed at night. They’re Open 24 hours and they’re over-caffeinated. You can hear the racing heat beat in verse…”
-Olga García Echeverría from her interview with Suzanne Lummis

In Danger poetry collection by Suzanne Lummis

“One after another, here, we encounter these terrific and terrifying, sad and funny poems. Like the Los Angeles of film, dream and apocalypse they’re rooted in—an urbanscape presided over, appropriately, by the glamorous image of Marilyn Monroe and the dark urgency of her own graffiti writer—Suzanne Lummis’s poems leave ‘an imprint on your/mind’s eye you can’t blink off’.'”
– Robert Dana

“Suzanne Lummis’s breathtaking new collection of poems, In Danger, unveils all of the levels of loneliness we assuage with the consolations of poetry. With candor, power and poignancy, Suzanne Lummis illuminates the glorious absurdities of our lives, especially the pride and paranoia that arise from living in an urban landscape. Nobody can ride a metaphor better than this poet, and nobody delivers her work to the page with as much sass and wry humor.  If Los Angeles were to have its own poet laureate, my choice would be Suzanne Lummis.”
– David St. John

Wide Awake Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond Edited by Suzanne Lummis

A Poet’s Guide to Los Angeles – Los Angeles Review of Books

“AFTER MOVING from what Robert Lowell called “dour, luxurious Boston” to Southern California, I opened this anthology. It has proved good company: Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond is a wonderfully unsystematic Baedeker’s guide to LA, and a welcome introduction to over a hundred contemporary writers.”
– Calista McRae

David Ulin’s appraisal of Wide Awake–The Los Angeles Times
In Wide Awake Suzanne Lummis gathers the poets of Los Angeles

(Never) Out of the Past: Film Noir and the Poetry of Lynda Hull – Los Angeles Review of Books
by Suzanne Lummis.

Review of Lynda Hull by Suzanne Lummis
(Never) Out of the Past: Film Noir and the Poetry of Lynda Hull – Los Angel…
Much can be gleaned directly from the poems of Lynda Hull.
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